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Specialising in bridal I can carry standard fit and major redesign alterations. For quotes please send over your full wedding date and any photos of your dress to: or call Chantelle on 07703541515


Standard Alterations

General fit alterations include shortening the length of your dress hem, bringing up the straps or shoulders. Taking in the the bust for a better fit or nipping in the waist and hips for a more flattering shape. If you have sleeves you might find these need tapering in or shortening, lower back dresses may also need tweaking to stop the back of the dress gaping. I also stock all cups sizes and styles here for you to try on if you would like to add sewn in bra cups. Belts/motifs and train hook ups can also be added, which bustle up your dress train into floor length for the evening.

Redesign Alterations

Redesigns are alterations that involve completely bespoke additions to your dress or dress design changes. These include tweaking the neckline height or shape, changing a zip into a corset or adding bridal buttons to a zip. Hand sewn detailing such as extra lace, beadwork, custom belt designs or crystals. Bespoke sleeves and a whole new top or skirt can be added to most existing designs. Materials and lace are carefully selected for a perfect match to ensure a seamless finish.


Repair Work

Holes and tears in the fabric are repaired, carefully hidden and blended back in. Missing beads, pearls, lace, straps, belts and crystals can be replaced using my extensive collection in the workroom. The same applies to missing buttons, these can also be created in spare fabric from your dress for an exact match. Broken zips, button loops or fastenings can be replaced and any pulled or loose seams and details will be repaired and reinforced. 

Steaming Service

I offer a steaming service to ensure your dress is crease free and ready for the big day. Most brides booked in for alterations opt for leaving the finished dress on the rail with me and book in to collect the dress closer to the wedding. Dependent on availability it is possible to  book in your dress steaming for a day or two before the wedding so that you can collect the steamed dress on the way to your venue. Steaming is priced per dress as the time it takes varies on style and layers. Veils and other dresses can also be pressed or steamed including silk.



What do I need to bring to my fitting?

Your dress, petticoat if you have one, and shoes. Wear the underwear you will wear on the day, I can also sew in bra cups.


Can I bring friends and family?

Yes, but ideally only one guest so we still have plenty of space.


How long do fittings take?

1 hour for brides and 30 minutes for bridesmaids, accessories and mother of the bride/groom so we are never rushed.


How many fittings do I need?

The number of fittings varies on the type of work involved. Generally wedding dresses will be 3 appointments in total. This includes the initial fitting and finished dress collection fitting. Bespoke work like the addition of sleeves or major redesigns will need an extra fitting or 2. Very simple alteration work such as bridesmaids will be the initial and collection fittings only.


I need to change my appointment?

The studio is located at the side of my home so rearranging fittings is no problem. Please give me at least 48 hours notice as peak season gets very busy!

How much will alterations cost?

Alteration jobs vary hugely, free estimations are given as each dress and job is different. This is honest pricing as you are only ever paying for the exact labour and costs involved.

When should I book in?

As soon as possible. It is never too early to enquire to avoid disappointment with fully booked dates. Last minute brides booking in 1 month before the wedding may incur a rush fee of 25% and brides booking in 1-2 weeks before the wedding will be charged an extra 50%, emergency day before is 100%.

When do fittings start?

The first fitting starts around 3 months before the wedding with follow up fittings closer to the big day. This allows plenty of time for sewing but is close enough for an accurate fit. 



What if I change dress size?

Appointments allow me to tweak the fit of your dress as we go so minor changes during the process will be no problem. Major changes or any work that needs to be carried out again after the dress is complete will be an extra charge. Communication is important if I know you are changing size drastically or are pregnant I can advice the best options and dependent on availability move all fittings as close as possible to the wedding.

How do I transport my dress abroad?

I can help you with the tissue paper careful folding of your dress into a storage box. Please check with your airline as some will hang your dress bag, most have travel box size restrictions. 

When should I dry clean my dress?

As soon as possible after the wedding to give your dress the best chance at stain removal. Brides with second hand or sample dresses that are super grubby please clean these before alterations as I need to keep my machines very clean! 

Terms and Conditions

Full payment for the alterations is required before the finished dress is taken home with you. For terms and conditions for bespoke garments please refer to the bespoke page on this site. Minor changes in dress size during the fitting process will not incur an extra charge. Any major size changes, weight loss/gain or pregnancy that has not been previously mentioned will result in extra work and extra charges. This includes changing your shoe height or underwear. If these areas have already been pinned or cut and sewn, changing after this will result in extra work. Booking in any changes or additions after the dress is complete are dependent on availability at that time and will result in extra costs.


Dresses stored and worked on in the studio are fully covered under business insurance. Any damage or staining to the dress before work starts and after the finished dress has been collected are not the responsibility of ChantelleSophia. Equally any damage caused by the customer, makeup, tan or deodorant stains from wear during fittings are not the responsibility of ChantelleSophia. Trying on the completed dress before taking it home is to confirm you are happy with the fit and finish. By paying the invoice in full and taking the dress away you are agreeing to the fit and standard of sewing. 


Appointment Only

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Bridal Studio

32 Haycombe, Durweston

Blandford Forum DT11 0PZ


0770 354 1515

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